About Us


Who We Are

Welcome to Martin Homes LLC, a family owned business with over 20 years of experience! We are based in southern Louisiana, but also work within the Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida borders. We have built our company with the motto, "We build your home with pride", and we stand by it from beginning to end. As a business we have flourished primarily through word of mouth and are very proud of the impact we have left on each and every customer. Through the massive growth we have seen in the last few years we found it was time to share our work with you. Our work consists of start-to-finish solutions for every project, full design services, building new homes turnkey, and interior and exterior renovations. Throughout the site you will only see our latest work and the main points we specialize in. Our latest endeavor has been the home development portion of our company. As developers we now create home designs that are unique to Martin Homes LLC.

The CEO/Owner of the company, Raul Martin, has been working side by side with his brother, Miguel Martin, to build this company to what it is today. We pride ourselves on being very family oriented in our own lives, and feel the need to treat our customers as such. I hope you enjoy our site and the work we have proudly created.